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How to populate a Combo Box in GTK3 using Glade

This post will show how to use Glade to list combo box items with GTK3 since I could not find any other tutorials and it took me a while to figure it out.  No coding necessary! Step 1:  Insert the combo box. A GtkComboBox will be created. Inserting the combo box into the GTK dialog Step 2: Select the combo box.  In the General Properties click the ... button next to ComboBox Model and click new.   A new GtkListStore will be created and set to the combo box's model. Adding a new liststore model to the Combo Box Step 3: With the combo box selected, open the Combo Editor by clicking the edit button from the toolbar. Opening the Combo Editor Step 4; Add some columns to the combo box's liststore.  Use type: gchararry for text.  Insert any other model columns at this time as well. Step 5: Insert data into the liststore by scrolling down in the Combo Editor and clicking the + to add a new row.  Enter the data needed for each row. Step 6: Click the Hierarc

Enjoy lots of complimentary solutions on!

How to get unlimited complimentary solutions on! UPDATE: See the better way! I hate doing homework and then getting it back to see that I've done some small stupid mistake so to prevent this it's always a good idea to check solutions.  If you can't find a solution manual for your book, will most likely have what you need. If you've never used Cramster before, the first solution you'll get is complementary. Sadly, they only give you one freebie, but it's really easy to get around this (only for odd numbered solutions, sorry).  If you try to get another solution you see this. Cramster uses a cookie to track your visits and only allows you to have a free solution if you've never had one before.  So all we need to do is remove this cookie and wala! In firefox choose Edit -> Preferences then click the privacy tab and finally remove individual cookies. Search "cramster" and click Remove Cookie for all of