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How to bookmark a custom launcher in Gnome Shell

This quick post will show you how to add a custom launcher to the bookmarks toolbar in Gnome Shell (installed on Ubuntu 12.04).  I did this for my Eclipse installation. 1. Create the .desktop launcher file in a text editor. [Desktop Entry] Name=Eclipse Comment=Eclipse Platform Exec=/home/jrm/Downloads/eclipse/eclipse Icon=/home/jrm/Downloads/eclipse/icon.xpm Terminal=0 Type=Application Encoding=UTF-8 Categories=Application;Editor; GenericName[en_US]=Eclipse IDE 2.  Save the launcher as eclipse.desktop replacing "eclipse" with whatever your applications name. 3.  Copy that file to /usr/share/applications/ (you may need to use gksudo nautilus). 4.  Now it will show up like an installed application when you search. 5.  Finally drag and drop it into the bookmarks!