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Goals for the next few years

I've been inspired by a few people and life events to rekindle my interest in living a life out of the ordinary (at least from time to time).  Since it's a new year let's start it off right with some goals (and maybe some wishes).

Knowledge / Developmentgraduate from college with a 3.5 GPA or highergraduate from grad school with a 3.5 GPA or higher  (close enough)read at least one hour every weeklisten to at least one podcast a weekread five books this yearlearn one new technology this yearlearn 100 new vocabulary words
be a man of godbe positive 99% of the timebe genuinely interested in othersbe lightheartedbe uniquebe encouragingbe proactivebe a synergetic co-workerbe inspirationalbe a better son to my dad TODO: goals should be measurable...

Spiritualread the whole biblemake God the first source to check for intuitionpray instead of wishinggo on a missions trip outside the USexperience three different churches this yearjoin a young adult's groupserve regula…