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Goals for the next few years

I've been inspired by a few people and life events to rekindle my interest in living a life out of the ordinary (at least from time to time).  Since it's a new year let's start it off right with some goals (and maybe some wishes).

Knowledge / Development

  • graduate from college with a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • graduate from grad school with a 3.5 GPA or higher  (close enough)
  • read at least one hour every week
  • listen to at least one podcast a week
  • read five books this year
  • learn one new technology this year
  • learn 100 new vocabulary words


  • be a man of god
  • be positive 99% of the time
  • be genuinely interested in others
  • be lighthearted
  • be unique
  • be encouraging
  • be proactive
  • be a synergetic co-worker
  • be inspirational
  • be a better son to my dad
TODO: goals should be measurable...


  • read the whole bible
  • make God the first source to check for intuition
  • pray instead of wishing
  • go on a missions trip outside the US
  • experience three different churches this year
  • join a young adult's group
  • serve regularly in some way at a church this year
  • attend bible studies regularly
  • help three people grow in their faith

Professional / Career / Finance

  • end the FED (hahahaha)
  • get my manager noticed by a higher up
  • develop something that gets used by 100 people at work
  • graduate college debt free
  • stay out of debt
  • buy a fixer upper house with 100% down
  • have a net worth of $50k by 2015
  • have a net worth of $100k by 2018
  • have a net worth of $200k by 2021
  • never buy a car over $15k
  • buy an F-250 truck
  • let all my credit cards expire and cancel the new ones
  • become an ebay power seller (frmdstryr11)
  • launch a startup company (Vinylmark)
  • launch a startup company that serves 100k people
  • launch a startup company that creates 20 jobs

Projects / Nerd stuff

  • get a stack overflow score of 10k
  • create a blog on control system design and have 1000 followers
  • make a homemade 2d laser cutter
  • make something with a 3d printer
  • create an app that gets 10k downloads (Inkcut)
  • create an app that gets 100k downloads
  • fix 10 bugs in open source code/projects (3/10 complete!)
  • fix 50 bugs in open source code/projects
  • fix 100 bugs in open source code/projects
  • build a car to have 250+ whp (my integra)
  • build a car to have 400+ whp
  • get a car to clock over 200k miles
  • get a car to clock over 300k miles

Travel / Health / Sports

  • snowboard fresh powder in Vermont
  • land a 540 snowboarding
  • drive a lap around Nurburgring
  • do a 360 in a car without crashing
  • drift an S turn
  • go 100mph on a snowmobile
  • go snowmobiling in Canada
  • break a bone (haha)
  • do a road trip to California
  • go kayaking
  • bowl a 160
  • stay under 20% body fat this year
  • run a 5K
  • learn how to sing without hurting someone's ears

Life / Community

  • live a simple lifestyle
  • live well below my means for a year
  • ban facebook for 6 months
  • give at least one complement every week for a year
  • give something back to my hometown (
  • become pen pals with someone across the US
  • volunteer 100 hours somewhere
  • help someone with a broken car on the side of the road
  • pay for a random person's groceries
  • get someone out of a jam
  • love a girl more than myself
  • get married to the most beautiful girl in the world
  • teach my kids how to ski/snowboard
  • inspire someone to make their dream a reality
  • give $50k to church and/or charity in one year


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