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Enaml Native - Introducing the Python Playground

Since building mobile apps in general is pretty complicated, and building them with python is even more complicated, I wanted to create a way that lets people get started writing apps in Python quickly without having to worry about setting up the native development environments.

Python Playground So to solve this, I created the Python Playground with enaml-native. Here's a short video that describes what it does.

Using this app you can build a native Android app without having to mess with installing the Android SDK, NDK, python-for-android and building all the python modules (which an be extremely difficult for new users). Within a few seconds you can bring up an editor in your browser and start writing your app's code... in Python!

Simply download the appLookup your devices Wifi IP addressGo to that address in your browser Write your code (or try out the examples) and press play

Note: the Python Playground app for iOS works but is not yet ready for release as the number…