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Timeouts with Django channels on dokku

Since I spent hours figuring this out. If you're trying to use django-channels with daphne on dokku and you see any of the following issues: Server is hanging  nginx is giving you timeouts, "504 Gateway time-out" errors. Your logs show " upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out)" Make sure your worker process is actually running!  Run `dokku ps <app>`  and make sure there are TWO python processes!  Turns out that even if you have both commands in the Procfile but the scale is not set it just ignores the second command! I had to add a DOKKU_SCALE file as described in  manually-managing-process-scaling . Cheers!

Don't bank on open source backing

There's a bunch of websites that let you become a backer of open source software or back an issue. In my opinion trying to get "funding" from these is a complete a waste of time and effort. Generally speaking, the providers of these services and only a small portion of the users benefit and make any the money. Lets look at a few numbers to see why. OpenCollective  Url - Fee - 5% On their home page you see the estimated annual budget, currently at $525k / year and 309 projects.  Wow $525k! But wait, scroll down to the collectives and you see webpack is getting about HALF of that ($241k). So do the math if we exclude the outlier (webpack) the average project makes a whopping  $920 per year or about $80/month.  The average US engineer will make that monthly amount in about 1-2 hours. Most of these open source projects I'm sure have several hundred ours of work behind them. It just doesn't make sense. Oh and I forgot to