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Introducing Voicemail Caller, an Android app for using Google Voice without data

If you use Google Voice and don't have a data plan you've most likely come across this issue when trying to make a call. "Google Voice could not connect."   This app was made to solve this problem. Prior to this app, the only way to make a call that uses your Google Voice number as your outgoing caller ID is to write down the number, call your voicemail, and then type it in... annoying! After getting sick of doing this (I even went to the extent of adding an extra contact number in my phone that automatically called via GV) I decided to make an app. Voicemail Caller, for lack of a better name, was created. Voicemail Caller automatically makes the call though the Google Voice voicemail   when no data connection is present (in which the Google Voice app would normally fail to connect).  If data is present, the Google Voice app takes over, so in either case all of the outgoing calls will go through your Google Voice phone number! It can be disabled if you w

A quick and easy way to insert a Chart from a Google Docs Spreadsheet to a Google Document

If you've ever tried to copy a chart from a Google docs spreadsheet to a Google document, you may be surprised (or more likely frustrated) that it doesn't work.  Here's a quick way to do this without having to save the chart as an image and upload. Step 1: With the spreadsheet open, select the chart and click "Publish chart..." Step 2: Set the publish format to image then highlight and copy the url between the quotes in the from the html image's src attribute Step 3: Now go to the Google Document and click "Insert->image...".   Select URL and paste the url from part 2.   It should load the image and show a preview.  Click Select to insert the image.  There you have it! No saving of images required :)

Inkcut Development Update

Update: This version has been ditched. I didn't like it.  A new one is (actually) coming! See  Inkcut live plotting Here's an update on my recent Inkcut development and plans. Everything has been switched to Gtk3  I've decided to ditch the stand-alone design and instead make it just an extension for Inkscape. It will be installed as a separate .deb package created using quickly that just hooks into inkscape. Note: This limits it to linux for the time being until an easy windows version of GTK3 is released A few UI elements have been made (I don't have access to my home computer right now so I can't show some of them) Now a quick run through the new plan. Inkcut will be stand-alone as in a separate program, but everything will be accessible directly from Inkscape like below: "Material Setup..." will be a simple dialog that sets the SVG canvas width & height and can edit different media. This is just as a  convenience  so y

Free unlmited ODD Cramster solutions the easy way

So I got tired of using this method to get complementary solutions on Cramster  and decided to fish around in my browser settings on a better solution.  This is what I found on how to get all ODD solutions without having to repeatedly delete your cookies for free! Note this is for Google Chrome but should work in any browser with similar capabilities. Step 1: Open your browsers preferences and search for cookies and click on Content Settings Opening Preferences in Google Chrome Open content settings. Step 2: If you haven't yet, clear the Cramster cookies as in my last post . Step 2a: To do this in Chrome choose All Cookies and Site Data Open All Cookies and Site Data Step 2b: Then search for "cramster" and click the X next to the results to remove the cookies. Remove Cramster cookies if they exist Step 3: Now that any cramster cookies are removed, go back to content settings and click Manage Exceptions. Open Manage Exceptions Step 4: A