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Protecting your kids (and you) from ads, phishing, spam, malware, mature / adult content, and other sites on Android (5+) smartphones with dns66 and OpenVPN Family shield for FREE

While it's easy to control access to certain websites on your home Wifi network, doing so on a mobile broadband network for mobile phones is much more difficult. There are apps to monitor block website access to harmful websites (NetSanity, and others) and most I've seen charge you a monthly rate to do so.  Keep reading to see how to block ads, adult content, and other harmful websites using free and open technologies. Lets get started 1. Download and install F-Droid   (can be removed later if not wanted) 2. Next download dns66 . 3. Open F-Droid and search for "dns66". (If no results are found, hit the menu button and click "Update Repos")   5. Click install, then Run. 6. Next we have to setup OpenVPN's family shield filter 7. Go through the intro and select the "DNS Servers tab" 8. Select enable custom DNS servers. Swipe to remove all existing servers as we only want to use OpenDNS's servers (yo