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Triplebyte fun or not

This probably breaks their terms, but facebook keeps annoying me with ads for Triplebyte so I decided to spend a few minutes to go through one of their tests to see how I fared. The first question is pretty easy. Instead of spending a few minutes to see what the function does, being a lazy  typical engineer, I just pasted into the chrome dev console. I guess they assume everyone is a javascript dev. Next they collect all your information, I assume so they can farm it out even if you don't fare to well, haven't read the terms. Then you to pick a quiz. I chose the Android one, and well 30 minutes or so later I got to schedule an interview. I was pretty upset that they gave no indication of my score. Instead of helping me actually learn what I may have got wrong with the 30 minutes I spent taking the test, they could at least say a percentage. I get they don't want to let people cheat, but come on, what a ripoff for my time. So for kicks, I went and answered ev